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Telephone: +31 (0)20 308 08 56
Address: Rokin 75, 1012 KL, Amsterdam


CoC number: 34327095
BTW number: 1817.66.103.B01

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"For a total new media concept we were looking in the first place for a completely new corporate identity, which is completed by Creatuur. This result gave us the confidence to design the Framez mobile app and website at Creatuur, and successfully!! Creatuur has the capacity to connect design and usability with eachother (Keep it simple), essential to the success of a mobile”"

− Gerald van Engelen, owner of Framez Media BV

"Creatuur honors the name of the company. They create based on good listening and a personal vision. Creatuur is a professional organization that switch fast to create the best results in a short time."

− Jeroen Horn, CEO Creenstone International

"Creatuur designed our corporate identity & website. They have been directly affected the essence of 'what we do' and what suits us. And that rendered into a beautiful design! We have received from our customers many compliments. Creatuur makes sure everything is just right down to the final comma, with a huge focus on service. Very nice to work with them!"

− Sandra Tiedink & Marieke Wulffelé, daadwerkelijk

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